Study Smarter and Save Time

PharmaEpass integrates high-yield notes, videos, practice questions, practice exam simulators and strategies into bite sized learning modules to streamline your preparation.

The intuitive platform helps you study what you need to know, identify weaknesses and master the content so you can learn more and stress less.

Why PharmaEpass is The Smarter Way to Prep?

Prepare For Test Day

Our custom exam-like software interface allows you to get comfortable with the online testing experience and helps you evaluate your ability to complete the exam under the allocated time.

Highlighter, strikethrough, calculator, timer and flagging are just a few of the features available to prepare you for the big day.

Fully Online Learning Platform

Prepare for the PEBC® on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Our courses are designed with you in mind. You can now read notes, watch videos and even take a practice exam anywhere, anytime on your schedule, at your pace.

Learn Efficiently

Easy to digest chapter notes with medical illustrations, tables, flowcharts and algorithms to enhance information retention. Chapter notes link to video lectures and sample questions to reinforce key concepts and ensure application of knowledge.

Always Supportive

Answer explanations for all questions are provided and help you gain a better understanding of concepts whether you answered it correctly or incorrectly. Our team of friendly and reliable pharmacists are available to answer any of your questions and guide you to success.

Key Features


Condensed notes with medical images, algorithms and tables outlining all the key concepts.

Exam Generator

We are the only course to offer unlimited full-length mock exams. The Ultimate Practice Tool!


Thousands of case & stand-alone questions with detailed explanations to enhance knowledge & critical thinking.


Engaging video lectures to re-enforce content covered and highlight important aspects of each topic.


The exam-like interface mirrors the real exam to reduce anxiety on test day.

Stay Focused

Key tools such as ‘pick up where you left off’, search bar and exam count down help keep you on track.


Create your own custom quizzes using our quiz builder to include all the questions or only those you’ve answered incorrectly or haven’t attempted.


Powerful analytics pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses and progress. PrepSCORE is our custom exam-readiness tool.

Randomize Options

Each question’s answer choices randomize each time they appear to promote understanding rather than memorization.

Study Anywhere Using Any Device

Available on-demand. Always. Anywhere. We put learning directly in your hands, so you can prep anytime, anywhere, seamlessly on any device. Our programs are designed to fit your schedule, not ours. All you need is the internet!


Hundreds of chapter summary notes with diagrams, tables and algorithms.


Engaging and organized video lectures on high-yield content to re-enforce important concepts.


Exam-like quizzes on each topic and unlimited full-length exam generator to challenge your knowledge.


Hundreds of chapter summary notes with diagrams, tables and algorithms.


See what students just like you are saying

Thank you PharmaEpass, I passed!

Awesome, the testing interface was very helpful and helped prepare me on what to expect during the real exam. The explanations to sample questions and chapter summaries were invaluable in my preparation.

Thank you PharmaEpass, I passed!

As a foreign graduate I was very worried, the material helped me so much because it was very straight to the point rather than looking through old university notes. Thank you for helping me so much!

Prepare Smarter Not Harder!

The PrepSCORE is powerful feature we’ve developed that eliminates the guesswork out of exam readiness so you can save time, study more efficiently, and build your confidence walking into the exam.

How it Works?

PrepSCORE analyzes your average performance across every topic and domain to determine what you can expect to score on the real exam if you were to take it today.

The PrepSCORE algorithm weighs each topic differently which means in order to increase your PrepSCORE you’ll need to have mastered topics weighted more heavily, ultimately boosting your confidence and exam readiness.

We’ve been in your shoes and know how stressful prep can be. That’s why we built PharmaEpass, the easier way to pass!

Take the first step today.