OSCE preparation: Why you should get expert
pharmacist guidance to help you pass

Teaching Strategy

We start by teaching you the strategies for identifying and answering different TYPES of OSCE questions.

It’s impossible to predict what exact questions you’ll be asked on the OSCE exam but if you have a strategy for any TYPE of question, you are ready!

Immediate 1 ON 1 Mock Exam Feedback

Our mock OSCEs are built to simulate the real OSCE under timed conditions. Pharmacists provide tailored feedback immediately on a 1-1 format after each station so you constantly improve as you progress through the track.

We Train You on All Types of Exam Cases

PharmaEpass tests you to all types of stations you might be examined on:

Interactive Stations: The case will involve a patient or healthcare professional.

Non-Interactive Stations: Where you are asked to check and documents errors such as those in prescriptions, labels or a Medical Administration Record (MAR).

See Exactly How Our OSCE Course Prepares You


Our OSCE preparation program include:


Learn the details and moral responsibilities of practicing pharmacy in Canada.

Receive a grade and rubric

Know exactly how you will be assessed amd have an understanding of you performance

Know specific areas of improvement

Our team helps you focus on your weaknesses, so you can excel on the real exam.

Get helpful online resources

Review rubrics, practice clinical skills , review high yield scenarios, prepare with practice scenerios, and more

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