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PharmaEpass simplifies complicated topics to help you achieve true competency needed to pass the exam. We streamline your PEBC® prep by saving time so you can begin your career, quicker.

  • Generate Unlimited Full-Length Practice (200 questions) Exams
  • 3000+ Questions with explanations in Case & Stand-alone format
  • 120+ Lecture notes & videos
  • Analytics and tracking to identify weaknesses and maintain accountability

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It's more than a test, it's your future. Built by Pharmacists for future Pharmacists.

Test Environment

PEBC®-like Exams

The exam-like software interface mirrors the real exam. Each time you take a quiz, you’ll practice using all the same features available to you on the real exam eliminating surprises on test day!

  • Highlighter
  • Strike out options
  • On-screen calculator
  • Flag questions for review later
  • Split-screen for case-based questions
  • Timer using the same question to time ratio as the real exam
Question Bank

Smart Question Bank

Over 3000 PEBC®-style questions designed in case-based & stand-alone format.

  • Detailed explanations & rationales enhancing subject matter knowledge & critical thinking skills - key to success!
  • Question choice randomization improves your competency of the subject matter
  • Summary reports for each quiz for detailed review
  • Create your own quizzes with custom filters ensuring you’ll never miss another question!
Concise Notes

Smart Chapter Notes

Digestible chapter notes reviewing over 120 topics with Beautiful vivid images, diagrams and algorithms designed to improve retention. All module content is reviewed and created in line with the 9 NAPRA competencies.

Topics include Cardiology, Endocrinology, Genitourinary, Gastrointestinal, Infectious Disease, Musculoskeletal, Psychiatric, Respiratory, Ocular, Skin, Sexual Health, Oncology, Pain Management and More!

Topics include Regulations, Canadian Healthcare, Research, Literature, Communication, Collaboration, Health Promotion, Product Distribution, Pharmacy Practice, Safety and More!

Topics include Basic Calculations, Biostatistics, Pharmacokinetics and More!


Performance Metrics & PrepSCORE

Advanced analytics designed to optimize your preparation time.

  • Visualize & monitor content progress by module and topic
  • Identify individual weaknesses & strengths to improve quicker
  • The PrepSCORE analyzes your performance across every topic with weightages reflective of the exam blueprint to indicate what you can expect to score on the real exam. Don’t just feel ready, KNOW YOU ARE READY!
Practice Exams

Unlimited Practice Exam Generator

Generate a FULL-LENGTH (200 Question) Practice Exams with 1-click.

  • Similar question to topic distribution as the real exam
  • Most authentic exam simulation experiance
  • Unlimited exams - generate as many exams as you’d like!
  • We are the ONLY course to offer this feature

The real exam will feel just like another PharmaEpass mock exam!


Engaging Video Lectures

Over 75 fully integrated, high yield video lectures on all core topics, available on demand anytime, anywhere from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • All teachers are Canadian educated & licensed Pharmacists
  • Instructor-led sample questions designed to develop your critical thinking and application skills
  • We’ll teach you how to approach questions, so you’ll know how to answer any question you’re presented with - key for success!

Thank you PharmaEpass - I passed.

Thank you Pharmaepass! I just passed my MCQ and could not have done it without your notes. You helped put many difficult concepts in a format that was entertaining and helpful. I would not have made it through management and calculations without you. - Maddy

What You Get

Here’s Everything Included

  • 12 Integrated modules comprised of notes, videos, sample questions, full-length exams and strategies
  • Over 120 chapters covered all 9 NAPRA competencies
  • 3000+ PEBC®-style questions in case-based & stand-alone format with detailed explanations
  • Question choices randomize order each time enhancing subject matter competency
  • Simulate the PEBC® Exam with unlimited full-length (200 question) practice exams
  • Short and engaging video lectures
  • Performance metrics displaying critical insight into your strengths and weaknesses Intuitive platform 100% online – study on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Customizable study planner
  • Our friendly team of pharmacists are available to answer any of your questions
  • Automatic content updates to ensure you always have the latest information
  • Immediate access to all course content upon signing up

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