Our Vision

As Pharmacists, we know how tireless Pharmacy school was, you worked so hard and learned so much. Now it’s time to prepare for licensure - with so many resources being disjoined, not up to date or scattered, pharmacy students often find it difficult to prepare for board exams.

Our vision is to ease the stress of board prep with laser focused content and engaging learning tools. Our ambition to simplify pharmacy education through content, innovation and personalization lead to the creation of PharmaEpass. Start your career quicker and with more confidence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize innovative technology to create a personalized learning resource, we aim to reduce stress, time, money and instill confidence to help maximize each and every students potential regardless of where they studied or how long it’s been since they’ve hit the books.

Our goal is to provide high quality, engaging material in a summarized format that helps you prepare for licensure exams.

Our Team Members & Contributors

Jessica Chung
HBSc, PharmD, RPh
david abdelmaseh
HBSc, PharmD, RPh
Faizan Baig
PharmD, RPh
de zhao jiang
HBSc, PharmD, RPh
Kiana Gozda
BScPharm, RPh
eunice chan
PharmD, RPh
Zebuir Khan
HBSc, PharmD, RPh
Zarah Khan
HBSc, PharmD, RPh
miriam ahmed
PharmD, RPh
Marina Tawfilis
BSc, PharmD, RPh
meiko peng
HBSc, RPh, PharmD, ACPR
bishoy girgis
MPharm, RPh
kareem nossier
MPharm, RPh
jarred prudencio
maria salib
MPharm, RPh
Andrew Rizk
MPharm, RPh
richard rizk
MPharm, RPh
meina missak
Nathan Ferreira
HBSc, MD(c)
Michael Youssef
megan samantha lowe
mina fanous
john paul dakran
Software Engineer
kevin bui
Biomedical BSc
keshav sharma
Fady Samaan
Quang Vuong
HBSc, PharmD, RPh
soha iskander
PharmD, RPh
Caitlin Lundell-Creagh
D.E.C, B.S, MD(c)
Charlotte Whelan
zhou qi
Biomedical BSc
dorsa kord


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