What you need to know?

When taking the Qualifying Part 1 exam; proper drug knowledge and skill required to apply the knowledge to questions is essential. All topics should be reviewed, and calculations must be completed with accuracy.

PharmaEpass Study Material

Our course is designed in a way that is both digestible and laser focused on the content you need to master.

step 1. Make a schedule and stay consistent. Our course keeps you on track and identifies your weaknesses so you can improve them – stat. We recommend alternating between clinical topics and calculations/professional practice to ensure you master them. We recommend studying for 4-6 months (will vary based on how recent you graduated)

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We recommend you leave at least 2 weeks before the exam to review any topics you may have forgotten, calculations and practice exams.

We recommend reading through the chapter summaries before attempting any practice questions.

step 2. When completing practice questions:

  • If you are scoring under 75%, go back and review the content in the chapter (do not skip questions).

  • If you are scoring above 75%, then brush up on the missed content by using the quiz review tool.

  • Remember to review explanations, especially questions you got wrong.

  • We recommend taking questions in exam mode to practice under timed conditions.

step 3. Are You Ready?

  1. Calculations are completed with a high degree of accuracy and speed.

  2. Your PrepSCORE is over 75%

    • This indicates that you have sufficiently completed all topics with a high degree of accuracy.

  3. Scoring over 80% on Mock Exams

    • All mocks exams contain 200 questions with the same time per question ratio as the real exam.

    • Revisit topics you haven’t scored over 75% in on your performance tab and any other topics you feel need a refresher.

you are ready!